Titan Smart Kinetic Driver

SKU: SE406581
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Wireless Switch & Voice Activated Driver
  • Slim 16mm depth
  • Easy to use and Install
  • Integrated distribution ports
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant for voice activated control over the lighting
  • Combine with the Link Sensio Smart Phone App (available for both Android and iOS devices) to access a multitude of clever features such as dimming, colour changing and lighting schedules
  • For wireless lighting control, pair with the Titan Kinetic Switch (max. 2 drivers per switch). The multi-functional buttons allow intuitive control over power, dimming and colour temperature and requires no wiring.
  • Mains cable included
  • Available as 15W/30W, Single-colour or CCT

Note: Not to be installed with a wall dimmer.

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Connection: 2-pin Single Colour or TrioTone
Size: 15W

Technical Information

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