Creating a Bathroom Lighting Plan

Lighting can completely transform your bathroom by creating ambience, a brighter, more spacious and multi-dimensional feel and highlights design features.




Getting your design right

Choosing the Right Lighting

Bathroom lighting is so much more than simple ceiling lighting. Be creative with application of light particularly around the vanity area where an illuminated mirror or cabinet is perfectly suited.


The first thing to consider in your bathroom plan is task lighting. This is lighting for functional use and delivers the right amount of illumination to carry out everyday bathroom tasks.


Lighting storage areas, cupboards
and drawers in the bathroom helps to illuminate the contents for ease of use, while also adding an extra element of luxury to the design.


Mood lighting is about transforming a space for both ambience and practicality. Consider LED strips for vanity units or creatively recess in tile work for decoration.

Choosing the right colour

Compliment Your Design

It is important to select the right LED colour temperature to not only match the bathroom interior colours and textures, but also to suit the mood and purpose of the bathroom.

Warm White

Warm white LEDs have a yellow tone and complement bathrooms featuring wooden surfaces and flooring. They also create a warm, relaxing ambience perfect for relaxing.

Natural White

Natural white LED is suited to a wide range of finishes will enhance the bathroom to create a balanced ambient space for everyday tasks.

Cool White

Cool white LEDS combine well with modern, bold and minimal themes and are great for task lighting and creating a bright and revitalising environment.

Set any tone, any time

CCT Technology

Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) is a concept that provides seamless transition through the full spectrum of temperatures ranging from warm, through to natural and then to cool white light. This allows you to mimic outside lighting conditions with precision - a feature that has been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on our health.

CCT Collection

Match the interior or preference

TrioTone® Technology

TrioTone® provides a 3-in-1 lighting choice in one light fitting or illuminated mirror. These products not only allow the option to select or change the colour temperature without having to replace the whole fitting, but also within mirrors featuring this technology, allow the owner to adjust the light temperature to suit the time of day, ambience and their personal preference.

TrioTone® Collection