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Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Ventilation

Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Ventilation

Bathrooms are notorious for being humid places causing damp and black mould, which can be difficult to deal with. The key to preventing this is through proper ventilation in your bathroom and throu...

CompanyEmerging Design Talent

Emerging Design Talent

A duo of young talent has joined the thriving Product Development team at Kitchen and Bathroom lighting specialists, Sensio.

Product LaunchNew Mirror Range for 2021

New Mirror Range for 2021

A new collection of contemporary, LED illuminated mirrors has been launched into the growing Sensio bathroom LED mirror and lighting range.

InnovationMulti-application Radiant strip

Multi-application Radiant strip

An ideal solution for lighting inside larder units or wardrobes, under cabinets or even set between tiling to create feature lighting in the bathroom, the fully diffused covering achieves a complet...

Product LaunchNew Polar COB Strip

New Polar COB Strip

Polar is a new high-performance, cool running, flexible strip light designed to deliver a uniform line of light showcasing great advances in Chip On Board (COB) LED technology.

CompanyTeam Interview: Product Design

Team Interview: Product Design

An interview with Robert Drybala, Product Designer at Sensio, ahead of KBB 2020. Where do you get your inspiration for new products?Our inspiration for new products comes from many sources includin...

GuidesBathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is a great way to enhance features in a bathroom. Well placed lighting can bring out features in tiles – making quartz tiles sparkle and glass tiles reflect light – as well as creating atm...

GuidesKitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

It is becoming increasingly fashionable to create zones of lighting within a room so it’s not only about considering the function within the kitchen when planning the lighting but the colours and t...

Product LaunchNew TrioTone® Downlights

New TrioTone® Downlights

Bathrooms are set to get a new look with the launch of Sensio’s two new ceiling downlights - Cube and Circa. With integrated colour changing technology, the UK designed LED lights are packed with t...

Product LaunchNew Avalon Mirror

New Avalon Mirror

The Avalon mirror has been designed to be a stylish and functional focal point in the bathroom. Backlit to provide a bright, cool white glow that can be switched on easily with an integral infrared...