Flexible LED Strip Lighting

Flexible LED Strip Lighting

Simple to use and can be installed almost anywhere. Add depth to the kitchen by illuminating above the wall units, along the plinth or under the worktop edge. Perfect for creating ambient mood lighting.

To further enhance aesthetics they can be used inside profiles, which offer an alternative way to secure the strip, diffuse and angle the light.


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Full spectrum RGB CCT flexible LED strip
Sale priceFrom £49.51
Ion 8Ion 8
Ion 8
8mm CCT flexible LED strip
Sale priceFrom £87.62
Nano style 3.5mm flexible LED strip
Sale priceFrom £36.46
Sigma 2Sigma 2
Sigma 2
Applies seamlessly around flat corners
Sale priceFrom £44.85
Viva 3Viva 3
Viva 3
Simple plug & play connection
Sale priceFrom £7.50
Edge-lit LED strip for handle-less kitchens
Sale priceFrom £54.35
Seamless light with superb brightness
Sale priceFrom £46.78
Primo 2Primo 2
Primo 2
A versatile, single colour, flexible LED strip
Sale priceFrom £42.65
Ion 5Ion 5
Ion 5
CCT flexible LED strip
Sale priceFrom £92.81
Polar ProPolar Pro
Polar Pro
CCT COB flexible LED strip
Sale price£138.50
Polar IP65Polar IP65
Polar IP65
A fully diffused strip with superb brightness
Sale price£124.80
Radiant IP65Radiant IP65
Radiant IP65
Recessed or surface mount diffused LED strip
Sale price£108.00
Radiant ProRadiant Pro
Radiant Pro
A diffused, CCT, silicone LED flexible strip
Sale price£127.68
A diffused, bendable, silicone LED flexible strip
Sale priceFrom £61.60
Polar 1500mm Interconnecting Lead
Polar 1500mm Interconnecting Lead
Accessory for the Polar flexible strip
Sale price£2.57
Ion 8 Joining Clip
Ion 8 Joining Clip
Accessory for the Ion 8 flexible strip
Sale price£2.33