The Power of Lighting

Lighting can completely transform your space beyond the practical benefit it brings. It creates ambience, a brighter, more spacious and multi-dimensional feel and highlights design features. Considering a lighting scheme at the initial design stages will influence the overall atmosphere of the interior space.

Task Lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting is perfectly positioned to ensure the kitchen is an efficient working space for everyday tasks such as cooking. Typically, kitchen task lighting is positioned under wall units to
illuminate the worktop, focusing light exactly where it is needed.

Convenience Lighting

Convenience lighting illuminates cupboards, wardrobes and drawers when opened for ultimate ease of use, while adding a luxurious finish to the kitchen or bedroom design.

Mood Lighting

Mood lighting creates depth and dimension, which is essential for creating atmosphere within a room. Consider lighting along the plinth, up-lighting above wall units, lighting beneath breakfast bars or the underside of a worktop and lighting the inside of glass fronted cabinets.

Getting your design right

Choosing the Right Lighting

To make things simple for you, we've listed the best products for those key areas in your kitchen design to get you started.


Under Cabinet Spotlights
Provide an interesting design element as well as focussed lighting across the worktop.

Under Cabinet Strip Lights
Creates a continuous run of unbroken light to flood across the worktop.


Inside cutlery drawers or inside wall units powered by a sensor, so that the light switches on and off as the cabinet door opens and closes

LED shelf lighting and illuminated panel lighting is the perfect way to light up cupboard spaces.


Use flexible strip lighting on plinths or under worktop edges. By using a recessed profile for the strip you will create a flush finish.

Install recessed spotlights into glass fronted cabinets for a stunning standout feature