Our Sustainable Future

We're working towards a more sustainable future and are committing resource to actively reduce our footprint. 

Michael Linsky - Managing Director

Our Commitments 


We aim to reduce plastics from our product packaging as much as possible, including recyclable plastics in favour of paper and cardboard. 


All products will be created with long design life in mind, ensuring robust, long serving products including use of high quality LEDs for maximum lifespan.


Careful selection of our production partners evaluated in accordance with our guidlines and carry ISO 14001.

Net Zero

Improve the robustness of our supply chain to mitigate air carriage, maximise sea freight efficiencies and increase local production to help achieve our target of net zero.

Sustainable Headquarters

Sustainability is a top priority in our business decisions and is a source of inspiration for everyone at Sensio. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our workplace and our UK headquarters.

Making a Difference

A Greener Workplace

As a responsible British British, we are actively progressing toward achieving carbon neutrality. The following initiatives represent a selection of our efforts at Sensio aimed at creating a more sustainable future;

Solar Panels

In 2023, we successfully implemented 178 solar panels at one of our locations and are actively working to expand this green initiative to our other sites. This strategic move is a significant stride towards achieving a net-zero carbon footprint and cultivating a thoroughly sustainable workplace.

Electric Charging

We currently have two electric vehicle charging stations at our headquarters, and we are actively expanding this infrastructure with plans to install more electric car charging stations this year.

Fully Electric Fleet

All our fleet cars are fully electric and have been since 2021. This has reduced our fossil fuel consumption down to 0%. Notably, our fleet uses our EV chargers which are powered by our solar panels, establishing a self-sustaining, fully renewable energy source.

Waste Management

Sensio collaborates with Veolia, a waste management company with a strong environmental focus. Our commitment to recycling is paramount, aiming not just to recycle but to minimize packaging waste sent to landfills as much as possible.

Packing with a Purpose

Reducing Plastic

We've replaced plastic packaging (specifically polystyrene) with innovative, origami-inspired internal packaging made entirely from cardboard. Additionally, we've made the switch from other plastic packaging to cardboard. These changes have led to a remarkable 90% reduction in plastic packaging for our mirrors and cabinets.

Production Partners

Responsible Sourcing

We're proud of our diverse global supply chain. Our in-house teams closely monitor and regulate every part of the supply chain, conducting regular audits to ensure environmental compliance. We have high standards for our suppliers, pushing them to align with our sustainability goals. Our production partners are carefully selected and adhere to ISO 14001 standards.