Designed in the UK

British since the Beginning

Since 2000, our founders Ray and Michael Linsky, had a shared passion to innovate, create, illuminate the British lighting sector. Fast forward today, we have a well-established team of experts that make up the design team based in our head offices in Yorkshire.


At Sensio, our core philosophy is to be design-driven. We've had the privilege of collaborating on a wide range of captivating projects, motivating us to continuously revitalize our product lineup. Sensio's collections embody a timeless aesthetic, with our design team dedicated to crafting elegantly simple yet boundary-pushing lighting designs that encompass both everyday illumination and breathtaking creations.


In our role as a leading provider of lighting solutions for kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, we prioritize holistic product design. Beyond aesthetics, we emphasize functionality, durability, and practicality to deliver the highest quality products tailored for specific usage scenarios. Our commitment to quality ensures product longevity from the outset of the design phase.

In-house Design Team

Sensio boasts a seasoned team of professionals who makeup our design department. Our design process is comprehensive and meticulous, engaging experts from various domains such as design, sourcing, technical, CAD, and manufacturing to guarantee the creation of well-rounded products consistently.

Innovation Center

An innovation center for product design based in our UK headquarters is crucial for businesses as it ensures market relevance, competitive advantage, and cost efficiency. It attracts top talent, fosters collaboration, streamlines development, and enhances brand image, all contributing to a business's long-term success and growth.