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  • A super-slim evolution of our fully diffused Polar COB strip.
  • Thin 2mm depth creates a discreet appearance while providing superb light output
  • Narrow channel for routed installation can easily be made with a simple saw cut
  • Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) allows the perfect light temperature selection and transition from warm to cool white temperatures
  • Excellent thermal conduction resulting in a cool running strip
  • 24V allows long runs of light without any light fade
  • Supplied with pre-soldered, driver connection cables at both ends
  • Can be cut to length (at 31mm intervals) with both ends of the strip being utilised
Light Colour: Natural White
Size: 5000mm Reel

Adding ambience

Flexible LED strips provide a versatile solution to add depth to furniture and architecture. Particularly effective along plinths, shelving and for highlighting architectural alcoves and recesses.

Compliment with colour

The Razor comes in two temperature options;

Natural white, versatile colour and compliments a wide range of kitchen styles.

Warm white, perfectly matches with more tradition styles featuring wooden finishes.

Considered application

Edge-lit recessable strip perfect for handle-less kitchens, seamlessly fitting under worktops to cast a soft, illuminating glow that accentuates design details. The Razor easily bends around
corners, offering a dynamic solution for interior spaces, from wardrobes to kitchen cupboards.

Product specification


5000mm x 8mm x 2.2mm

3000mm x 8mm x 2.2mm

Cable Length






Light Technology

Single Colour (Natural | Warm White)


3000K | 4000K


415 lm/m | 412 lm/m

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