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The Blaze is a slimline profile designed to be recessed. Use with the Neutron 3.5mm flexible strip to create a seamless track of illumination over worktops.

  • Supplied with 2 end caps
  • Simple push fit application
  • Accessories available to create seamless corners
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Finish: Aluminium
Size: 1500mm

Beautifully diffused lighting

The diffusing cover on our profiles allows optimum light transfer while diffusing the individual diodes of the LED strip to produce a soft ambient glow.




Dedicated design

The Blaze recesses flush into the surface for a contemporary integrated aesthetic. An ideal solution for guiding an even glow of light around the whole under cabinet worktop space.

Considered application

Our product team carefully designed several accessories allowing custom installations. Our corner connectors allow the light to be routed along any track before slotting in the end caps for neat finish with not shadow zones.

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Registered Design Rights - 6077034

Designed in the UK

Our expertise and industry knowledge is an integral part of our business with our in-house product development and design team based here in the UK.

Product specification




1500mm x 17.5mm x 8.8mm

2500mm x 17.5mm x 8.8mm



Technical Information

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