Highlights from the InstallerSHOW 2024

Highlights from the InstallerSHOW 2024

Our team had an incredible experience at the InstallerSHOW, where we had the opportunity to connect with installers, electricians, and plumbers to better understand their challenges with lighting. This event was all about getting to know these professionals and discussing the pain points they face in their day-to-day work, from ease of installation to adjustable lighting effects specific for the client.  

One of the key highlights was showcasing our easy-to-fit lighting solutions designed to significantly reduce installation time. The standout products that garnered a lot of attention was our Razor LED flexible strip light, Magnetic track, Libra Slimline LED mirror and Eclipse Recessed LED Cabinet.  

Simple Integration with the Razor Strip  

Our ultra-slim (2mm) Razor LED flexible strip light seamlessly integrates with surfaces using a standard circular saw, eliminating the need for routers while still delivering a high-quality finish. This sleek design ensures that installations are quick and hassle-free, providing a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. From listening to our customers at the show we are exploring multiple sizes ranging from 2-4mm to suit all applications.  

Time Saving with the Magnetic Track 


The patented magnetic track system is a game-changer for installers. This product powers multiple lights with a single strip, simplifying the wiring process. By eliminating complex wiring, the magnetic track reduces installation time by more than 50%, allowing installers to complete projects more efficiently. 

The magnetic track system also offers unparalleled flexibility. Installers can easily adjust and reposition lights along the track, ensuring perfect placement and optimal illumination. This adaptability is crucial in spaces where lighting needs may change, allowing for quick adjustments without the need for extensive rewiring. 

LED Bathroom Accessories  

The Eclipse Recessed cabinet offers a sleek, flush-to-wall look with recessed storage, ensuring a seamless integration into any bathroom space. Its double-sided, illuminated mirrored doors and TrioTone® LEDs provide versatile lighting options, with the convenience of dimmable lighting and touch sensor controls. The integrated demister pad, internal USB charging, and shaver socket further enhance its functionality, making it a perfect choice for modern bathrooms.  

Meanwhile, the Libra mirror stands out with its ultra-slim 10mm profile and rotatable installation, allowing for versatile placement. Despite its thin design, it doesn't compromise on features, boasting a demister pad and IP44 rating for durability. The requirement to recess the driver into the wall is a minor task that ensures a clean, flush finish, making the Libra an excellent option for contemporary bathroom projects. 

Our Sales Director shared his thoughts on the event 

"We are thrilled to reflect on our participation in InstallerSHOW 2024, which has been an incredibly successful event for Sensio. This year’s show provided an excellent platform for us to showcase our latest innovations and connect with industry professionals, customers, and partners. 
We proudly unveiled several new products, including our latest energy-efficient lighting solutions and advanced smart home integration features. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from attendees reaffirmed our commitment to pushing the boundaries of lighting technology. 
Our interactive displays allowed visitors to experience the functionality and versatility of our products first-hand. The live demonstrations of our innovative lighting systems were particularly well-received.
InstallerSHOW 2024 provided a valuable opportunity to engage with KBB installers, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. The insights gained from these interactions will undoubtedly influence our future product development and innovation strategies. 
We were delighted to receive constructive feedback, which will be instrumental in refining our products and services. This input helps us to better meet the needs of the market and continue to deliver exceptional value.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited our stand and took the time to learn about Sensio’s offerings. Your support and interest drive us to continuously improve and innovate. We look forward to building on the momentum from InstallerSHOW 2024 and continuing to lead the way in lighting solutions by ‘Making Lighting Simple.”
Richard Bellwood (Sales Director). 

Whether you’re an electrician, a lighting specialist, or a general installer, our products are designed to meet your needs. We understand the challenges you face in the field, and our solutions are crafted to help you overcome them with ease. From reducing installation times to improving energy efficiency, our products are here to support your success. 

If you are looking for more of our innovative lighting solutions, check our website Sensio Lighting for product details. Or if you are looking for your nearest Sensio stockist check out our dedicated distribution partners across the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

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