Interview with Richard Bellwood, Sales Director on LED Lighting and our Presence at InstallerSHOW 2024

Interview with Richard Bellwood, Sales Director on LED Lighting and our Presence at InstallerSHOW 2024

Q1: Why is LED lighting so important?  

Richard: Lighting is crucial in modern homes for several reasons, including task lighting, mood lighting, and convenience. Task lighting provides bright, focused illumination for specific activities such as cooking or reading, while mood lighting helps create the desired atmosphere in a room, whether it be a cosy, warm glow or a bright, invigorating space. Convenience lighting integrates smart technology, allowing you to control your lights via voice or phone, enhancing the user experience. The colour tone of lighting, which can be cool, natural, or warm, has a significant impact on different materials and the overall ambiance of a room.  

Recommended products to discover at the show: 

  • Razor Edge-lit Flexible Strip 
  • Flex silicone profile with Polar X Flexible Strip (Launching October 2024)
  • Magnetic Track and LED lights (New patented innovation)

Our products, featuring TrioTone® and CCT technology, allow customers to decide on-site which light colour works best, offering a wider range of choices without needing multiple products. Innovation is at the core of our designs, and we continuously strive to meet customer needs by developing smart lighting solutions. With just one smart driver, such as the Titan, installation time is reduced while providing extensive control options, eliminating the need for multiple products to achieve a smart home. 


Q2: What can visitors expect from Sensio's stand at InstallerSHOW? 

Richard: Visitors to our stand can look forward to a mix of our existing product range and our latest innovations in KBB lighting. We pride ourselves on market-leading innovation, and we'll be showcasing products like our new magnetic track system, which reduces wiring complexity and cuts down installation time. Our stand will feature hands-on demonstrations, allowing installers to see first-hand how easy it is to install our products and experience our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. 


Q3: Why is Sensio participating in InstallerSHOW this year?  

Richard: At Sensio, we recognise the crucial role that installers play in the sale and installation of KBB lighting. InstallerSHOW provides us with a platform to connect with installers, understand their challenges, and identify opportunities for innovation and development. We're here to demonstrate how we make lighting simple, both in terms of installation and operation. Joining events like this helps us stay close to our customers and continually improve our offerings based on their feedback. 


Q4: What training opportunities does Sensio offer for installers?  

Richard: Sensio is dedicated to education and training. We've invested heavily in our training centre and showroom at our HQ in West Yorkshire. Additionally, we have a mobile training facility and a team of regional training managers across the country. We're running installer days and workshops at our showroom, where we can interact directly with installers and develop products that meet their needs. We're also building an online training portal with specific courses, how-to videos, blogs, and installation guides. Our UK-based expert customer service and technical team are always available to support our installers.


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