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  • The ideal lighting solution for contemporary handleless kitchens
  • Subtle and unobtrusive whilst emitting a powerful source of mood lighting
  • Part of the Micro-Lines range of profiles which have been designed for flexible strips that are 5mm in width or below
  • Provides protection of the flexible strip light when hands go to open drawers and cupboards
  • Features an angled light source that guarantees the diffusion of individual LED points
  • Removable strip mounting plate for ease of installation and serviceability
  • Fully diffused corner connectors result in a fully illuminated light circuit with no dark corners
  • Can be cut to size
  • Attaches inside the handleless channel with VHB tape
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Finish: Aluminium
Size: 1500mm

Beautifully diffused lighting

The diffusing cover on our profiles allows optimum light transfer while diffusing the individual diodes of the LED strip to produce a soft ambient glow.




Dedicated design

The Accent profile applies directly to the plinth top with a simple push fit. Housing the LED strip in this profile not only diffuses the light, but projects it forward to cast a wider spread across the floor.

Considered application

Use the specially designed connectors to carry light around internal and external corners for a premium finish without shadow zones.

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Registered Design Rights - 6077023

Designed in the UK

Our expertise and industry knowledge is an integral part of our business with our in-house product development and design team based here in the UK.

Product specification




1500mm x 12mm x 8.5mm

2500mm x 12mm x 8.5mm



Technical Information

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