Halo TrioTone®

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The Halo TrioTone is a stylish, discreet and recessed fitting suitable for use on kitchen plinth. The Halo TrioTone is a sleek, multi functional fitting enabling the user to choose the desired colour temperature, from warm white (3000k) to natural white (4000k) to cool white (5000k) by simply using the button on the underside of the fitting, making it suitable for any type of kitchen design. Using Plug and play technology, multiple fittings can be daisy chained together, which provides a flexible system that can provide meaningful combinations to meet design demands. The Halo TrioTone is easy to install and has a diffused cover so that the LED points are not visible.
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Light Colour: TrioTone®
Finish: Stainless Steel
Size: Single Light

Undefeated Ambience

The soft and unobtrusive glow of plinth lights adds depth and ambience to a room.

TrioTone® Technology

The ultimate versatility in LED colour selection in one light fitting. Our TrioTone® technology enables you to select the temperature right up to the point of installation.

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Daisy Chain Installation

The daisy chain installation is adaptable to jobs of all sizes - connect as many lights as you like with a simple click.

Product specification


Stainless Steel | Matte Black


13.5mm x 30mm x 30mm

Cable Length

750mm Input, 750mm Output





Light Technology





30/32/34/35 lm

Technical Information

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