Ark TrioTone®

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  • An elongated design offers a vast spread of light across worktop
  • TrioTone® technology allows you to select cool white, natural white or warm white with a flick of the switch, concealed under the front bezel
  • Magnetic mounting plate conceals fixings for a clean finish
  • Fully diffused lens - no visible dots
  • High number of LEDs for bright light output
  • Removable magnetic bezel conceals fixings for a sleek finish
  • Easy installation using daisy chaining to fit multiple lights into one area
  • Compatible with Sensio switches, single-colour receiver and Titan Smart Kinetic driver
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Light Colour: TrioTone®
Finish: Stainless Steel
Size: Single Light

Undefeated Ambience

The soft and unobtrusive glow from the diffused LED lights, add depth and ambience to a room.


TrioTone® Technology

The ultimate versatility in LED colour selection in one light fitting. Our TrioTone® technology enables you to select the temperature right up to the point of installation.

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Daisy Chain Installation

The daisy chain installation is adaptable to jobs of all sizes - connect as many lights as you like with a simple click.

Product specification


Stainless Steel


180mm x 39mm x 10mm

Cable Length






Light Technology





110-140 lm

Technical Information

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