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New Polar COB Strip

New Polar COB Strip
The new POLAR COB flexible strip light is one of the cool new innovations lighting up the Sensio stand at this year’s KBB Show. Polar is a new high-performance, cool running, flexible strip light designed to deliver a uniform line of light showcasing great advances in Chip On Board (COB) LED technology.

COB technology creates the effect of one solid light beam as oppose to visible dots from individual diodes and is more commonly found in circular spotlights. Polar is the first in the form of a flexible strip light and as a result, it offers superb light output with a high lumen per watt rating of 540 lumens and an impressive CRI >90 (Colour Rendering Index). It therefore eliminates the need for an aluminium or plastic profile with a diffused cover which would traditionally be used to ‘blend’ the spots of light.

Available in warm white, natural white and cool white makes the Polar suitable for any type of kitchen styling, whether traditional or contemporary in design where different colour temperatures suit different finishes in kitchen units, worktops and flooring.

Polar’s versatility in colour and installation creates limitless possibilities for use across the kitchen including under cabinets, along plinth lines, under worktop edges, up lighting walls, inside larder storage and lighting inside recesses. The possibilities are endless which presents the opportunity for its’ use in task, convenience and mood lighting schemes when planning a kitchen design.

Polar is available in a 5m reel and is easy to install with the applied, high-quality 3M VHB adhesive backing tape that sticks to any dry flat surface. Unlike many flexible strip lights, it can be cut multiple times - scissor icon marks are situated at 31mm intervals identifying where the strip can be cut - so the full 5m length can be utilised with the use of Sensio Clip Connectors eliminating any wastage regardless of the number of cuts in the light.

Polar is supplied with a 1.5m driver connection cable already attached at each end of the strip with a JB4 connector making it easy to install and removes the possibility of wrongly connecting the strip. It also runs on a 24V system as oppose to the 12V found in many lighting products. 24V allows installation in longer runs without suffering any light fade or loss of intensity.

IP20 tested for safe use in the kitchen, the versatile Polar is also compatible with Sensio dimmable receivers making it perfect for ambient mood lighting which can be adjusted up and down to suit the use of the kitchen space at a given time of day.

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