Multi-application Radiant strip

Multi-application Radiant strip
New to the Sensio lighting range comes an entirely diffused, bendable, silicone flexible strip light with a truly versatile application.

With versions available for safe use in both the kitchen and the bathroom, the design of the Radiant LED Flexible Strip also allows for installation in both a surface mounted position with the supplied brackets, or recessed for a discreet, flush finish with a simple push fit application into a routered channel.

An ideal solution for lighting inside larder units or wardrobes, under cabinets or even set between tiling to create feature lighting in the bathroom, the fully diffused covering achieves a completely solid line of light to achieve the ‘dot-less’ appearance. Alongside the fully diffused appearance, the entirely recessed application negates the need for inserting the flexible strip into a profile to diffuse or house the strip light as it achieves a flush fit into cabinetry by itself.

Flexible to a radius of 65mm or greater, the slim, 4mm wide Radiant is ideal for curving round an island unit or gradual corner in cabinetry which is difficult to achieve with standard tape flexible strip lights.

Both the kitchen and bathroom variants of the Radiant are supplied with pre-soldered driver connection cables making connection and installation as simple as possible, with the bathroom version importantly coming with IP44 rated connectors to maintain the required safety integrity whilst using in the bathroom environment.

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