Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

How important is lighting for enhancing texture and colour in the kitchen?

It is becoming increasingly fashionable to create zones of lighting within a room so it’s not only about considering the function within the kitchen when planning the lighting but the colours and textures too.

Natural timbers and lighter shades of worktop are inherently more suited to warm lighting, cooler hues more suited to contemporary materials such as gloss lacquers and darker worktop colours. But as technology now enables more than one shade of white light to be emitted from a fitting, designers are able to use this to best effect.

By employing different colour temperatures in a room, there is greater scope for versatility of functions. Cool lights to offset dark tones and warmer lights tend to provide relaxing hues which provide a reassuringly calm presence. Natural light is perfect for meal preparation and performing tasks in.

In the image above, natural white has been used as task lighting under cabinets and warm white light over an adjacent island and close by area of relaxation. Blue reflective lighting above and below the cabinets sets the mood.

Sensio’s Polar Pro is a flexible LED lighting strip that incorporates cool white, natural white and warm white diodes, allowing the user to select each shade and anything in between. It is easy to install with self-adhesive backing and the lighting colour can be changed or dimmed using a remote control.

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