Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

How important is good lighting for enhancing texture and colour?

Lighting is a great way to enhance features in a bathroom. Well placed lighting can bring out features in tiles – making quartz tiles sparkle and glass tiles reflect light – as well as creating atmosphere as they wash a beam of light over the texture of a wall finish.

Illuminating areas such as recesses or shelving can be an effective way to add extra dimension to the room by adding depth and different tones to the walls or tiles surrounding it, creating interest and helping break up sometimes large expanses of tile or wall.

It’s also important to think about the different practical areas of a bathroom – strategically hung pendants cascading a warm white light over a freestanding or feature bath for example will help to create an area of focus, enhancing the experience while taking a soak in the bath and creating a separate zone within the room.

While warm white is great for creating ambience and bringing out the warmth in certain colours, great with timber finishes for example, cool white is great for task lighting, offering a crisper, brighter light - perfect for mirrors to help with a morning routine - and combines well with bold or minimal bathroom themes and finishes as it complements a modern theme.

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