Glow Pro

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  • An inconspicuous solution to transform the appearance and functionality of feature cabinets as well as practical convenience lighting to locate items in a cupboards
  • Emits relaxing mood lighting that flows out into the kitchen when used on glass feature shelves
  • Can be cut to size at the marked cut points
  • Fits 4-8mm glass shelves
  • Attaches to the back of the shelf with a simple push-fit
  • Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) allows the perfect light temperature selection and transition from warm to cool white temperatures
  • Compatible with Sensio CCT Receiver and Remote Control to adjust light temperature and enable dimming functionality

Registered Design Right - 6077032

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Light Colour: CCT
Finish: White
Size: 500mm

Sleek and Practical

Shelf lighting is a stunning added extra to your lighting scheme. Glow Pro is perfect for creating a showcase with glass fronted cupboards, whilst also illuminating the inside of cabinets to improve visibility.


CCT Technology

CCT gives you the power to cycle through the full spectrum of cool, natural and warm light temperatures allowing you to create the perfect ambience at any time of day.

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Easy Installation

Attaches to the back of a glass shelf with a simple push-fit.

Can be cut to size at the marked cut points.

The flexible strip is pre-installed, ready to plug and play.

Make a Statement

Glow Pro emits relaxing mood lighting that travels through glass feature shelves and flows out into the kitchen.

Registered Design Right - 6077032

Designed in the UK

Our expertise and industry knowledge is an integral part of our business with our in-house product development and design team based here in the UK.

Product specification




450mm x 10.5mm x 20mm

1020mm x 10.5mm x 20mm

Cable Length



2.7W | 6W



Light Technology






Technical Information

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