Frontier Round

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  • Diffused, colour temperature changing LEDs (CCT ) allows the perfect light temperature selection and transition between warm white and cool white temperatures
  • Integrated demister pad
  • Touch sensor control
  • Available in matt black or brushed brass finish
  • Also available in Portrait and Landscape
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Light Colour: CCT
Finish: Matt Black
Size: 600

Matching Metal Finishes

Matt Black or Brushed Brass, you decided?

Intuitive touch colour control

A touch sensor has been neatly designed into the glass. Activate the lighting with a simple tap. Then, tap and hold to gently fade the colour temperature between cool and warm. Personalise the ambience to match your interior or adjust throughout the day from morning routine to evening soak.

Integrated efficient demisting

A gentle heating pad, hidden behind the mirror warms the glass to eliminate condensation for a clear view. Activate before your morning shower and you'll be ready to style straight after.

Product specification


Matte Black | Brushed Brass


600mm x 32mm

600mm x 32mm

800mm x 32mm

800mm x 32mm

Cable Length






Light Technology





596 lm

Technical Information

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