Corner Pantry Pack

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  • A full pack of complimentary products to illuminate corner pantry units
  • Includes both a spot light to cast light downwards from the top and a flexible strip to install inside the door frame to illuminate the shelving

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Dart Flexible LED Strip (5m)
  • 1 x Zeta Under Cabinet Spotlight
  • 1 x Link-S Door Sensor with additional switch
  • 1 x 30W Titan Driver with pre-wired 13A Plug
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Light Colour: Natural White
Finish: Stainless Steel

Full Illumination

The Corner Pantry Pack contains a Zeta spotlight to cast light downwards, and a Dart LED flexible strip to illuminate the shelving and plinths.

Plug and Play

Includes a pre-wired 13A plug and 30W Titan Driver for effortless installation.

Magentic Activation

The magnet and reed switch turns the lights on or off when opening or closing the door. Connecting both lights to the reciever activates them both at once.

Includes an additional switch for double doors.

Product specification


Stainless Steel


Dart: 5000mm x 8mm x 1.75mm

Zeta: 68mm x 68mm x 13.5mm

Light Technology

Single Colour (Natural White)



Technical Information

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