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  • Ideal for under cabinet task lighting
  • TrioTone® technology allows you to select cool white, natural white or warm white with a flick of a switch
  • Diffused casing – no visible LED dots
  • Mains powered
  • Available in 4 lengths ranging between 343mm and 904mm
  • Can be interlinked directly or by using joining cable for spacing & corners to achieve optimum run of lights
  • Supplied with 1.5m of bare ended mains cable for simple installation
  • Can be wired into a mains wall switch for easy control or operated individually by a simple rocker switch
  • Joining cables (sold separately) allow for corner connections and intermittent runs
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Light Colour: TrioTone®
Finish: White
Size: 343mm

Simple Slotting Mechanism

Interlink multiple strip lights with the integrated connector to achieve the optimum run of light for your space.


TrioTone® Technology

The ultimate versatility in LED colour selection in one light fitting. Our TrioTone® technology enables you to select the temperature right up to the point of installation.

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Unbroken Task Lighting

Under cabinet strip lighting creates a continuous, unbroken run of light - flooding across a worktop for tasks like food preperation.

Corner Compatible

Use joining cables (sold seperatley) to connect the strip lights at corners or create intermittent runs.

Choosing the right lighting

Cool white is suited to contemporary or modern kitchen styles to create a stunning effect. Natural white is a versatile colour temperature and compliments a wide range of kitchen styles. Warm white perfectly matches with more tradition styles featuring wooden finishes.

Product specification




343mm x 22mm x 30mm

524mm x 22mm x 30mm

623mm x 22mm x 30mm

Cable Length



5W | 9W | 12W



Light Technology





500 lm | 800 lm | 1600 lm

Technical Information

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