Sensio at KBB 2016

Sensio at KBB 2016
2016 was the biggest and best year for Sensio at the KBB exhibition. We had the chance to showcase our latest lighting and power solution innovations including our new 'Sensio Multi-Light' App, wireless chargers, our UK designed Midway system and the exciting relaunch of our bathroom lighting range.

The new Sensio wireless chargers simply fit into the worktop for a discreet, flush fit, quick to use charging solution. Any mobile device with integrated Qi can then simply be charged by placing the device on top of the wireless charging unit. If the mobile device doesn’t have Qi built-in, an additional interface is required and so we have also introduced a Qi receiver phone case for iPhone 5, 6 and 6+ models.

The new ‘Sensio Multi-Light’ App pairs with our Bluetooth receivers enabling you to control any Sensio lighting product that requires a 12/24V driver from an Apple mobile device. The app is free to download from the Apple App store. Easily switch your lights on and off, control dimming, change colour and even change the colour of your lighting to reflect the sound and beat of your music from your mobile or tablet.

Our new Midway hanging rail system has been designed by in house product design and development team and is unique to Sensio in the UK. This product offers a clever solution to kitchen organisation whilst providing useful task lighting. The system offers five components that work together in a variety of ways to best match your customer’s needs. The Midway profile and accessories are available in a black or silver finish.

This year’s KBB also saw the exciting launch of our revamped bathroom lighting range. The new range includes diffused LED mirrors, illuminated cabinet mirrors and decorative wall and ceiling lighting. Customer’s had the chance to see the innovative features including integrated Bluetooth speaker technology, motion and touch sensors and colour changing LED technology to show that our products offer both style and practicality.

Overall, the show was a huge success and we’d like to thank everyone who came (and those who couldn’t make it) for your continued custom and support. We have already booked our space for KBB 2018 and are eager to make it even better!

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