Nico - Anyone Can Fit

Nico - Anyone Can Fit

Sensio has introduced Nico, a 240V LED under cabinet light, which they boast is exceptionally easy to install. Nico features SLS (surface light source) technology which means that no visable dazzling LED points can be seen on the fitting and as the fitting runs at 240V, no driver is required.

So all that's needed is their 6-way distribution block that connects up to 6 lights and comes with a 13A plug for mains supply. No need for Part P qualification, anyone can install the Nico. What's more the connectors are small enough to fit through an 8mm hole for a neater finisg than many models on the market.

The Nico fitting has a stainless steel surround, is available in cool or warm white LED colour and can be surface mounted or recessed. It has a 15 year lamp life and is dimmable when used with a trailing edge dimmer.

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