Product Launch

Bedroom Lighting Range

Bedroom Lighting Range

Leading lighting specialist Sensio is proud to unveil its bedroom catalogue which features a carefully thought-out range of innovative LED solutions that have been specifically designed in the UK, with bedrooms in mind.

The latest catalogue from Sensio was inspired by an extensive research process which indicated there were limited options available on the market when it came to bedroom lighting. As the market leader, it was only appropriate that Sensio solved this issue.

Sensio’s bedroom lighting range features a pioneering re-chargeable lithium-ion battery that’s completely new to the lighting market. Offering a practical and convenient lighting solution that can be charged through a USB outlet, the high energy density of the battery means it will run for approximately 8 months on average between charges (based on 2.5 minutes usage per day).

The collection also includes LED designs that will enhance both the atmosphere and the functionality of any bedroom. Wardrobe and reading lights have been developed offering practical solutions for the bedroom, and flexible strip lighting will give the space ambiance, transforming it into a relaxing retreat.

Michael Linksky, Managing Director of Sensio commented,

“Sensio’s exclusive bedroom catalogue is comprised of high quality, unique ideas and innovative creations. Our aim is to illustrate the importance of bedroom lighting and inspire people to think differently.”

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