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SensioPod Bluetooth

SensioPod Bluetooth
Sensio has introduced their latest retractable SensioPod development, their first pull up plug socket incorporating an in-built Bluetooth speaker. Connect to your mobile device wirelessly via Bluetooth connection to play music through the new SensioPod. The new pull up socket now houses two plug sockets, a 2W miniature audio speaker with headphone jack and two USB ports for mobile phone charging. The USB ports have a maximum allowance of 2100mA, the largest of its kind currently available in the KBB market.

This new pod, which renders wall plugs redundant, has a stainless steel head with handle specifically designed to make it simple to pull the fitting up from a work surface. When up, the unit stands 365mm above the work surface, easily fitting under wall cupboards and a quick release catch ensures the unit will always retract fully and close securely, even with electrical appliances still plugged in. The stainless steel head has been designed just 100mm wide and 100mm deep sitting discreetly on the work surface when closed. The pod also works beautifully recessed in a wall unit and pulled down to reveal the tower.

The pod in its Aluminium slim profile casing comes with an IP54 rating so it can be safely fitted in close proximity to a sink (protected against splashing water). The voltage of the unit is 220-240V and the pod comes supplied with 2.5m of cable complete with a 13A plug for ease of installation.

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