Making Lighting Easy

Making Lighting Easy

One of Sensio’s key objectives is to help its retailers by offering support, information and guidance on kitchen lighting. With this in mind, Sensio has become a partner of KBB Connect and EQ Software in an effort to improve the service it provides its retailers.

Both software programmes are designed specifically for the KBB industry and will act as an additional information outlet for Sensio retailers to access. Product specification sheets, images and promotional offers will now be readily available on both systems. Retailers will be able to provide customers with an efficient and accurate quoting service as any price or product changes will be regularly updated. With both software programmes, a system has been put in place, which highlights whether the retailer will need drivers/ cables with the lighting products they have selected to ensure the retailer does not omit required accessories or order the incorrect accessories.

Speaking on behalf of Sensio, Michael Linsky, Managing Director has said,

“Becoming a partner of both KBB Connect and EQ Software will enable Sensio to communicate effectively with its customer base. We feel strongly about supporting our retailers to the best of our ability and introducing these new systems will enable us to improve the service we provide.

“Not only do we want to work closely with our existing partners, but it is hoped that the use of EQ Software and KBB Connect will encourage other retailers to take an interest in the products and services Sensio has to offer.”

The full Sensio lighting catalogue is also available on Compusoft.

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