High Profile Recognition

High Profile Recognition

The team at Sensio Lighting are delighted to have been selected as one of eight Manufacturing and Services representatives in The Parliamentary Review 2019/2020.

Chaired by Lord Pickles, former Conservative Communities Secretary, and Lord Blunkett, former Labour Home Secretary, The Parliamentary Review is a series of independent publications, which aim to share best practice among policy makers and business leaders.

Each edition focuses on a key governmental policy area, with a variety of organisations sharing personal insight alongside cabinet ministers, government agencies, associations and trade bodies. By combining commentaries from award-winning journalists with innovative thinking from industry experts, The Parliamentary Review provides a comprehensive summary of the past year and a reliable template for the year to come.

Celebrating their contribution, Michael Linsky, Managing Director at Sensio, said:

“We were approached by the team at The Parliamentary Review earlier this year to be part of this very prestigious project. They were impressed by our rapid and consistent growth of 15% per annum, our focused approach of investing in research and development and our plans to futureproof the business.

“Our interview, which was an honest account of the lessons learnt in developing Sensio Lighting, resulted in an article in the publication representing the Manufacturing and Services industry which will be used to influence and educate within our sector, an honor indeed to be in print alongside senior politicians and other leading Electronic experts.”

Every year The Parliamentary Review’s September launch brings together the most creative and inspiring voices across business, industry, education and the public sector to share insight, encourage best practice and help organisations confront the challenges of an ever-changing political landscape.

Success for businesses of any size does not always come easily, and this year’s edition of The Parliamentary Review is indispensable for anyone who seeks to make a name for themselves in industry. It highlights significant developments and concerns for business leaders up and down the country.

The co-chairman of The Parliamentary Review, Lord Pickles, has praised the Review as one of the most comprehensive yet. He commented that as Britain undergoes changes, it is “essential that politicians have a firm understanding of the challenges with which British organisations must contend” and that The Review once again provides a perfect platform for this.

Writing in The Review, The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove says “this year’s Parliamentary Review comes at a momentous time for parliament, as we collectively determine the destiny of the United Kingdom.”

The best practice article for Sensio Lighting can be viewed here:

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