Innovative Lighting Solutions Take Centre Stage at kbb Birmingham 2024

Innovative Lighting Solutions Take Centre Stage at kbb Birmingham 2024

At the recent kbb Birmingham 2024 show, we once again captivated industry professionals with cutting-edge products and our forward-thinking approach.

Insights from Michael Linsky, Managing Director

Speaking with our founder Michael Linsky, its clear that innovation isn't just a buzzword for us—it's our ethos. Michael emphasised the importance of genuine value addition through innovation. He noted:

There are too many products on the market that don’t add value. Innovation is about solving problems, not just inundating the market with unnecessary complexity.


Leading Kitchen Lighting Solutions

At kbb we showcased featured game-changing products tailored for kitchen design.

Among these innovations, the magnetic track system is a beacon of efficiency. By reducing the need for drilling into cabinets to hide wires, this system significantly reduces installation time and effort. With a simple application of VHB tape, installers can effortlessly adhere the magnetic track, and then connect the adaptive lights through magnets without the need for tools, ushering in a new era of streamlined installation processes.

Meanwhile, the Razor edge-lit strip stole the show, offering unparalleled versatility and a seamless aesthetic for handleless kitchens. With a 2mm width profile and edge-lit design allow for seamless recessed integration, effortlessly bending around sharp corners and keeping consistent illumination. What's more, installation is a breeze, requiring only a handheld circular saw with a 2mm blade, eliminating the need for complex routing machinery. This versatile strip can also be applied flat under worktops and plinths using supplied VHB tape, or for a sleek and contemporary finish can be recessed in a profile – showcasing true flexibility.

Complementing these innovations is the 240-volt Kinetic Receiver, a testament to our commitment to the smart home trend. Easy to install, connect with existing 240-volt lighting rings or add to a new scheme. Control is key, whether through smart devices, our wireless Kinetic Switch or traditional switches. Users can effortlessly customise and control their lighting environment, enhancing both convenience and efficiency with this receiver.


Immersive Bathroom Experience

In line with the smart home revolution, we unveiled a range of innovative solutions designed to transform bathrooms into hubs of modern convenience and sophistication.

At the forefront of this revolution is the LED mirror with a removable Lithium-Ion battery pack with EVO+ technology, offering convenience and sustainability. By providing up to 20 minutes of operation every day for 100 days on a single charge, this innovative solution eliminates the hassle of constantly replacing batteries. Re-charged within a few hours at a cost of 7p, not only does this technology reduce environmental impact, compared to similar AA battery products, but it also enhances user experience by ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

Additionally, we showcased the UVC cabinet—a pioneering solution harnessing the power of ultraviolet light to sanitize personal hygiene items stored inside. With its medical-grade technology, this cabinet provides peace of mind by effectively removing harmful germs and bacteria from toothbrushes, shavers, and other commonly used items. Taking just 20 minutes to kill 99.9% of all known bacteria. As health and hygiene continue to be paramount concerns, the UVC cabinet is a significant step towards creating safer and more hygienic bathroom environments.

Adding to our Luka smart family is the Luka cabinet, boasting built-in Alexa functionality. This patented integration brings the convenience of voice-controlled home assistant technology to the bathroom. From adjusting lighting levels to playing music or checking the weather forecast, the Luka cabinet integrates into the daily routines of users, enhancing both comfort and convenience.


In-house Training Facilities

Beyond product showcases, we takes pride in its comprehensive training programmes. Designed to equip designers, installers and end users with the skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape of lighting solutions, our in-house training sessions offer practical, hands-on experiences at our specifically designed showroom. These sessions are perfect for large group bookings. Alternatively, our merchandisers provide personalised support at our client's branches, ensuring every designer can use our products effectively. Showroom sessions and merchandise visits can be requested by email:


Trend Led Designs

At Sensio, we thrive on pushing boundaries and embracing new concepts. The light engine is a trend and design led customisable solution for under-cabinet lighting. With pelmetless kitchens becoming more popular and the desire to hide lighting growing, what if we thought differently and rather showcased lighting as a beautiful design feature?

With the same technology at it’s core, the light engine can be ‘encased’ in a variety of different styles and material finishes to match any style of home interior. Users can update and customise as styles change too. Unveiled at KBB and paired with a variety of mood boards reflecting popular kitchen trends, this allowed consumers to think beyond to product but about the whole solution.


Brand Promises

Above all, we are steadfast in our commitment to market-leading innovation. With an in-house product development team driving our vision and collaborating closely with customers to bring ground-breaking products to market.

In conclusion, the kbb Birmingham 2024 show was a resounding success for our team, reaffirming our position as pioneers in the lighting industry. We look ahead, eager to continue pushing boundaries and connecting with our customers to illuminate spaces. 

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