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  • A unique, integrated illuminated glass base panel with a superb light output that can transform a normal kitchen wall base unit into an illuminated base panel casting light both down to the worktops and up inside the wall unit
  • The LEDs are encased between two glass panels which diffuse the light across the whole panel
  • Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) allows the perfect light temperature selection and transition from warm to cool white temperatures
  • Controlled with a simple hand swipe to activate the integrated IR sensor
Light Colour: CCT
Finish: Aluminium
Size: 363mm

CCT Technology

CCT gives you the power to cycle through the full spectrum of cool, natural and warm light temperatures allowing you to create the perfect ambience at any time of day.

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Dual Function

The Verona is unique with its double sided light output, casting down onto surfaces and up into cabinets to create the ultimate task lighting solution.

Hands-free Operation

The integrated IR sensor activates the lighting and adjusts the colour temperature with a simple swipe of the hand.

Product specification




263mm x 329mm x 21mm

363mm x 329mm x 21mm

413mm x 329mm x 21mm

463mm x 329mm x 21mm

563mm x 329mm x 21mm

763mm x 329mm x 21mm

863mm x 329mm x 21mm

963mm x 329mm x 21mm

Cable Length



1.9W | 2.9W | 3.3W | 4.2W | 5.6W | 6.2W | 7.1W



Light Technology





210 lm | 217 lm | 255 lm | 322 lm | 488 lm | 493 lm | 567 lm | 122 lm

Technical Information

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